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Things to do in the DMV area this 2022...

If you are looking to go solo, with friends, loved ones, or kids, the below experiences are perfect for any occasion,

One of my favorite seasonal things to do is visit the U.S. Botanic garden. First of all, any time of the year is a good excuse to visit the U.S. Due to the festivities, you are able to experience a small train trail and all the monuments in a miniature version. My first impression was to eat it since it looks like chocolate. But do not touch it, please eat before visiting.

After visiting the U.S. Botanic garden, you are within walking distance of the U.S. Capitol and the library of congress. Ensure you check their official website for visiting instructions. Walking the area will make you feel like a Washingtonian.

Botanic garden. by VISUALSDMV

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